Zoho Sign – Training for Administrator(Day Two – 4 Hours)


Account settings
  • Modifying the sending options
  • Customizing the recipient experience
  • Adjusting notification settings
  • Configuring cloud backup
  • Enabling blockchain-based timestamping
  • Enabling document timestamping
Audits and reports
  • Viewing detailed audit trails
  • Generating, viewing, and exporting comprehensive reports
APIs and webhooks
  • Discovering the basics of Zoho Sign’s API and SDKs
  • Learning about webhooks and how to use them
  • Integrating Zoho Sign with Zoho apps (any 3)
  • Integrating Zoho Sign with popular third-party applications (any 3)
Digital signature and identity providers

Reviewing digital signature and identity providers based on geography

  • Aadhaar eSign for India
  • Singpass for Singapore
  • Qualified electronic signatures for the European Union


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