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HR and Recruitment

HR and Recruitment

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At Srisattva Group, we are your strategic partners in human resources and talent acquisition. We understand that finding the right people and building a strong team is crucial to your success. With our expertise, dedication, and a vast network, we make the hiring process seamless.

As one of the top staffing agencies in India, we are poised to handle multi-location recruitment effectively. Looking for recruitment companies in a Metro city or a Tier II or Tier III city in India? We can help you!

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Why Choose Srisattva Group

There are lots of companies that provide recruitment services. Why not stick with them and visit us instead?


We have created a list of the most convincing justifications for hiring us.


Every day, we deal with several clients. We therefore operate with the understanding that there is no room for error. We have learned what works best and what is least valued after working with different industries

We can guarantee that you will only get the best from us because we constantly update our procedures.

Because we are aware of how crucial time is to an organisation, we conduct our business accordingly. One of the most important characteristics we want the interview candidates to identify with is our stringent deadline policy.

We promise that if you work with us, every goal will be accomplished in the allotted time. You will always be informed since we will let you know about any updates we get.


We value openness, and we hold both our clients and potential applicants to the same standard

We give each step of the selection process for a candidate equal weight. Each of us HR professionals needs about six seconds to quickly scan a résumé. Usually, multiple rounds of interviewing follow, during which we probe candidates’ analytical prowess, speed of thought, and mentality towards finding solutions.


We have a specialised team that focuses on IT recruitment services, and they evaluate the interviewees’ talents in relation to that field.

With our many years of experience, we have developed fruitful partnerships with a large number of IT employment firms. As a result, if the effectiveness of networking is questioned, we won’t fail.


We also offer all of our clients exceptional human resource recruitment services.

In addition to the base CTC, you must also pay a candidate hired as an employee a number of allowances, incentives, and compensations. All you will have to give away if you employ a consultancy like ours is contractual payment.

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