Zoho SaleslQ – Training for Zobot (Day One – 3 Hours)


Zobot Introduction
  • What can I do with SalesIQ?
  • Who uses SalesIQ?
  • Which Industries use SalesIQ?
  • Why customers use SalesIQ?
  • What sets SalesIQ apart?
  • Mobile SDK – Mobilisten
What is Zobot? How can you use it for your business?
  • Why are chatbots the new trend?
  • Zobot Skills
  • Zobot in your business
How to create and set up a Zobot?

Zobot-building platforms

Build your Zobot (deluge script / different handlers / deluge integration tasks /connections)

  • Building a Zobot with SalesIQ Scripts
  • Handlers
  • Integration Tasks
  • Connections

Advanced development techniques (all actions, validation, input widgets and its properties)

  • Input cards
  • Display cards
  • Field Validation


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