Zoho SaleslQ – Training for Administrators (Day Two – 2 Hours)


JS API and REST API for the complete customization
  • Customization using JS API
  • Customization using Rest API
Zoho App Integrations
  • Setting up of Zoho Products Integration
  • Zoho CRM Integration
  • Zoho Campaigns Integration
  • Zoho Desk Integration
Zoho Forms and Zoho Campaigns Integration
  • How to set up tracking in Zoho Forms
  • How to generate mass email campaigns with SalesIQ?
  • How to integrate and view information of Zoho Campaigns?
  • How to setup SalesIQ in third-party applications?
Engage and support your Mobile users
  • What is SDK?
  • How to configure SalesIQ in your Mobile Application?


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