Zoho Payroll – Training for Basic (Day Two 2 Hours)


Income Tax Handling
  • IT Declaration
  • Proof of Investments
  • Viewing Employee Investments
Loan Management
  • Creating Loans
  • Disbursing and Tracking Employee Loans
  • Recording Repayments
Employee Termination
  • Initiating Termination
  • Setting up and Running Termination Pay Run
  • Generating Full and Final Settlement Docs
Payroll Overview
  • Employee Salary Statement and Register
  • Reimbursements Summary
  • Payroll Summary
Statutory Reports (Overview)
  • EPF Related Reports
  • ESI & PT Reports
  • TDS Reports


  • Audit Report
  • Payroll Journal
Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)
  • Features Available
  • Inviting Employees
  • Basic Actions
  • Mobile App
  • What’s New
  • Best Practices for Administrators
  • What’s Next?
  • Frequently Asked Questions


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