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Customer Billing Collections, Vendor Invoice processing and payment + Related Accounting for upto 100 transactions in a month + GSTR 1 Workings (one GST Number) + GSTR 3B Workings (one GST Number) + TDS workings (upto 3 challans) + GSTR 1 Returns filing (one GST Number) + GSTR 3B Returns filing (one GST Number) + TDS Challans Creation (upto 3 challans) (upto 100 transactions in a month) + TDS Returns Filing (upto 100 transactions in a month)


  1. Complimentary ERP – We are Zoho Authorized Partners and above package includes Zoho Books access necessary for the above-mentioned service package (any additional features or reports chosen by the Company in addition to the features required to provide the accounting services within the agreed scope of work, in that case additional Price payable to Zoho would apply).
  2. Any other ERP preferred by the Company must be activated and made available for accounting usage by the Company, the cost towards that ERP must be borne by the Company, it will not be a part of the above-mentioned retainer fees. No discount on pricing will be given to that extent.  
  3. This is a shared resource model. Work will be done by resources at Srisattva office and no specific dedicated resource would be blocked for the Company. Work will be done by same team on continuous basis and in the absence of the regular team, back up team would support in execution.
  4. Travel to client office might be done (if necessary) for discussions, documents collection or submission. Travel cost would be borne by the Company.
  5. Rs 10,000 for 100 additional transactions to be accounted and documented each month.
  6. Rs 5,000 for 10 additional employees payroll to be processed.
  7. On Demand or On request Senior Accountant review of accountant work can be requested for at Rs 1,000 per hour (Level 1 to Level 5).
  8. On Demand or On request HOD review of accountant work can be requested for at Rs 2,500 per hour (Level 6 to Level 10).
  9. On Demand or On request CFO consulting can be requested for at Rs 5,000 per hour
  10. Costing, Pricing, Investment documentation, Investment strategy, Other Compliance filing support, Secretarial paperwork and filing support and other services pertaining to Finance, Accounts, Compliance, Investment can be offered at applicable additional charge on call or on demand basis.
  11. Prices mentioned above will be subject to 18% GST.
  12. Short term assignments as low as for one month can be undertaken and long term assignments can also be undertaken.


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