Financiers Connect – reaching out to Financiers providing Debt 


Service – Connecting with financier – Introduction to 10 interested financier.

Package Period – 45 days from the date of commencing financier reach out. Payment terms – In advance, prior to commencement of reach out to financier.
In Scope:
1. Preparing a no name based one page pitch content in Srisattva’s standard format to be circulated to financier. This document will be sent for Customer approval prior to circulation.
2. Customer must share the “Don’t reach out” financier List (if any), before we commence identifying financier.
3. Identification of financier whose investment portfolio or investment interest covers the business category under which the venture fits into.
4. Reaching out to the prospective financier As soon as the financier shows interest to get introduced to the founders or management of the financier Company, an introduction mail introducing financier and finance would be sent out.
5. Service delivery would be deemed completed upon introducing an interested financier to the finance venture. Total number of financier to be introduced would be based on the package signed up for by the customer.
1. This assignment does not include negotiation strategy or any form of financier documentation.
2. This assignment does not involve any front ending or discussion with the financier upon completion of introduction to the financier founders.
3. Sharing of documents including pitch deck or answering the queries of the financier upon financier introduction is the responsibility of the financier.
4. List of financier being reached to or sharing of their contact details is not a part of this customer chosen package. Customer can upgrade anytime and purchase the List of financier being reached out to for Rs 50 (+ 18% GST) per financier name or list of financier along with email ids for Rs 100 (+ 18% GST) per financier.
5. This package does not include any post introduction support to financier or finance
6. This package does not guarantee investment or any act of the financier. This package includes introduction to only that financier who has been provided with one page pitch information and the financier has shown interest to get introduced to the founders or representatives of the venture referred to in the pitch.
Terms & Conditions
Payment Terms – 100% advance and non refundable upon cancellation.
1) Commencement of engagement – The reach out to financier will commence within 5 working days of receipt of the data to be shared with the financiers
2) Client will provide the pitch deck and details to be shared with the financier.
3) Srisattva team will circulate the financier details to relevant financier who might be interested in financier in the financier‘s venture.
4) As soon as the financier shows interest in getting introduced to the financier‘s management team, Srisattva’s team will introduce the financier and financier for their discussion on the investment proposal.
5) Once introduction is made, Srisattva’s deliverable would be completed and investee can independently take forward the discussions with the financier.
6) Pausing of engagement is not permitted. Once the financier reach out commences, the first ten interested financier will be introduced to the financier.
Payment can be made through NEFT to our bank account (please choose Direct Bank as option) or through online payment using Razorpay Payment gateway (choose online payment). Kindly make the payment email the payment proof to for order confirmation. Once order is confirmed, a Client Relationship Executive will be assigned for your order, who will be your one point contact till the completion of this order.


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