Zoho Payroll – Training for Advance (Day One 2 Hours)


What is the Payroll Process?

Flow of the General Payroll Process

Statutory Compliance Aspects
  • Income Tax
  • Statutory Components
  • Reporting
User Interface and Navigation
  • Key Modules
  • Notifications and To Do areas
Organization Setup
  • Setting up the Organization Profile
  • Tax Information
  • Pay Schedule
  • Statutory Components
  • Salary Components
  • Importing Prior Payroll
Configuring Pay Schedule
  • Working Days
  • Pay Day
  • First Pay Period
Salary Configuration
  • Configuring Master Salary Components
  • Creating Custom Salary Components
  • Using Salary Templates
  • Setting up Payslip Templates
  • Adding Employees
  • Bulk Import and Export
  • Managing Employees’ Personal and Payroll Data
  • Salary Revisions
Processing Pay Runs
  • Creating a Pay Run
  • Key Sections of the Pay Run Screen
  • Applying Loss Of Pay (LOP)
  • Applying One Time Earnings and Deductions
  • Viewing Employees’ Pay Computations
  • Skipping Employees
  • Pay Run Approval
  • Salary Disbursal
  • Reverting Pay Runs
  • Withholding Salary
  • LOP Reversal


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