Zoho Inventory – Training for Administrator (Day Two 4 Hours)


Sales Management
  • Setting up a sales approval workflow
  • Adding customers
  • Choosing templates
  • Drafting and emailing a sales order
  • Using retainer invoices
  • Converting a sales order into a tax invoice
  • Creating one or more packages for an order
  • Recording a manual shipment and delivery
  • Setting up a sales order validation rule
  • Setting the criteria for product returns
  • Adding and processing a sales return
  • Receiving returned items back into a warehouse
  • Raising a credit note and recording a refund
Multi-channel Sales
  • Integrating multiple Shopify stores
  • Integrating Etsy
  • Integrating eBay (only for US and UK editions)
  • Integrating Amazon (only for US, CA, and UK editions)
  • Mapping an online item to an existing item
  • Processing online orders
  • Other useful integrations
Order Fulfilment
  • Integrating shipping carriers
  • Generating a shipment label for an order
  • Back ordering
  • Drop shipment
  • Adding custom email alerts and in-app notifications
  • Setting up field updates
  • Setting up webhooks
  • Writing custom functions
  • Setting up a scheduler to automate repetitive tasks
  • A tour of reports
  • Taking advantage of reporting tags
  • Integrating Zoho Inventory with Zoho Analytics


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