Zoho Inventory – Training for Administrator (Day One 4 Hours)


  • Zoho Inventory and the Zoho Finance Suite
  • Why is Zoho Inventory important to SMBs?
  • Terms used in Zoho Inventory
Organization Setup
  • Things to consider before setup
  • Creating an organization
  • Managing users and roles
  • Adding warehouses and branches
  • Setting up taxes and currencies
  • Configuring preferences for each module
  • Adding custom fields and views
Product Workflow
  • Types of items
  • Stock keeping and valuation logic
  • Methods of stock tracking
  • Complete sales workflow
  • Typical purchase workflow
  • Creating an item group with attributes
  • Defining items with serial numbers
  • Capturing items with batch numbers and expiry dates
  • Performing item adjustments
  • Recording a non-inventory item or service
  • Making a composite item
  • Defining price lists for your items
  • Transferring items between warehouses
Importing data to Zoho Inventory
  • Types of data that can be imported
  • Order of importing data into Zoho Inventory
  • How to prepare your organization for an import
  • How to prepare an import file
  • Integrating Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books
  • Integrating Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM
Purchase Management
  • Setting up a purchase approval workflow
  • Adding vendors
  • Drafting and emailing a purchase order
  • Receiving goods into a designated warehouse
  • Recording and tracking a vendor bill
  • Managing reorders for your low stock items


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