Sourcing as Service E-Assist Portal package

Original price was: ₹5,720.00.Current price is: ₹5,200.00.

1. Total Number of profiles that can be downloaded from our portal-25

2. One User Access to Portal under this package.

3. Live Dashboard for the JD, applications received under this package,

candidate review and other communication on candidates through our


4. Process to be followed:

a. Based on the JDs linked to the package, candidate profiles will be

sourced. All the mandatory requirements and good to have

requirements must be mentioned in the JD before commencement of

sourcing. Specific sourcing for the JD will be done and the JD match to

profiles will be considered for criteria of Expected Salary, Notice Period,

Job Location, Job Qualification, Minimum 50% Skill and experience


b. Candidates profiles will be linked to the JD for recruiters’ access on

c. Recruiter can download any profile of the candidates of their choice

from Srisattva Portal.

5. Expiry of the 25 profile download access would be with 30 days from

enabling portal access.

6. Payment Terms – Advance payment


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