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We will support in all the paperwork and filing of the Society. Fees to the government department to be paid directly to the Government based on the prevailing fees structure.

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What Are The Features Of Society Enrollment In Tamilnadu?

  1. Society needs to have a minimum of seven members to qualify for it’s enrollment process as per the Act of 1975.
  2. A society whose yearly total income is at least 10,000 and consists of at least twenty members is qualified for it’s Enrollment.
  3. The association developed for apartment maintenance needs to be enrolled with at least five members according to the Tamil Nadu Apartment Ownership Act.
  4. The Society Executive Committee would look after those societies that consist of three members only.
  5. Society needs to be Enrolled with the Tamilnadu District Registrar within three months from the day of forming the society.
  6. According to Act, enrollment needs to be done by one of the committee members or any other individual authorized on that member’s behalf.

What Are The Essential Documents Required For Enrolling a Society In Tamil Nadu?

  • It is essential to mention some details in the memorandum, such as
  • The society’s name.
  • The object of the to-be-enrolled society
  • The details of the committee members.
  • By-Laws

According to the Act, the by-laws need to contain all the following details:

  • The identification of society, like address,
  • The activities of the society.
  • Details of admission, eligibility, and withdrawal, including the elimination of membership.
  • Information associated with office bearers, like election, appointment, recall, responsibilities, and removal.
  • Financial details
  • Details associated with internal matters of the settlement of internal disputes and dissolution and dissolution of the to-be-Enrolled society
  • How the Committee and General Body meetings will be organized and how many times, etc.
  • Annual Returns

The following details need to be mentioned in the annual returns:

  • A photocopy of the balance report and sheet, receipt, and expenditure account.
  • Information about the members at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Accounts and registers

Here are the details regarding the accounts and registers that need to be governed by society:

  • Receipt book.
  • Cashbook.
  • Ledger.
  • Vouchers file.
  • Register of members.
  • Governing Committee Meeting Minute Book
  • Annual General Body Meeting minute book.
  • Monthly register of receipts & expenditures.
  • Supporting Documents

Here are some of the details that have to be submitted besides the annual returns:

  • Special resolution.
  • Replaced members in the committee/election of the executive committee.
  • Change in membership.
  • Form VIII.


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