GSTR 9 Annual Filing

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GSTR portal access to be shared with Srisattva Team

Step 1 – Company to provide annual financial statements, tax audit reports, invoice list with GST break up and input credit list with GST break up

Step 2 – Srisattva team to reconcile GSTR 1, GSTR 2B, GSTR 3B and GSTR 9 along with the data received from customer in Step 1

Step 3 – Srisattva team to provide the list of differences if any to the Company for providing relevant supporting data or explanation for reconciling the differences.

Step 4 – This package does not include GSTR related issue resolution or any form of expertise consulting. This package includes, reconciling the data mentioned in Step 2, highlighting issues (if any) mentioned in Step 3 including necessary documentation.

Step 5 – Filing of GSTR 9

Note: This package is applicable for annual 100 transactions. Quantity of this product must be in proportion to the number of transactions


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