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Team Lead Accounts

Rahul Zenith
Senior Recruitment Executive
Maria Antony Telaickta

EA to Directors

Gopika M

Senior Process Associate

Priya dharshini M

Junior Recruitment Executive

Aadil Basha Z

Client Relationship Executive

Vaishnavee S

Senior HR Executive

Sulaiman S

WordPress Developer

Vishva M

Website Data Executive

Dharshan V

Process Associate

Aravindhan A

Process Associate

Rajeshwari Rajapandi

Recruitment CRE

Ramesh R

WordPress Developer

Hema Varshini

Process Associate

Kamali C

Business Development Executive

James Daniel

Process Analyst

Madhan Kumar
Senior Accounts Executive

Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people to achieve a specific goal. It involves the combined efforts of individual members who bring their unique knowledge and skills to the table. Effective teamwork in the workplace relies on key components such as active listening and open communication, and ensures each person's input contributes towards reaching the team's goals.