Goods and Service Tax

The current indirect tax regime in India provides a highly complex tax environment due to multiplicity of taxes, convoluted compliance obligations, tax cascading and extensive litigation. GST is the single biggest tax reform in India, a comprehensive consumption tax to be levied on the supply of all goods and services, thereby providing a stable economic environment favourable for growth and development. GST is a destination based tax regime. There would be dual GST model in India. Both Centre and States will simultaneously levy GST across the value chain. GST would be levied on supply of goods and services. Centre and State would levy and collect CGST and SGST respectively. Further, the Centre would levy and collect the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) on all inter-State supply of goods and services. GST is expected to simplify and harmonize the indirect tax regime in the country. It is expected to reduce cost of production and inflation in the economy, thereby making the Indian trade and industry more competitive, domestically as well as internationally.

Our GST experts can assist you with transition, GST process implementation, opinions and filing. We further offer, off the shelf business specific, GST standard operating process report and GST opinions, to support Start Ups and SMEs to plan their documents in house. To view our off the shelf reports, Click Here

Direct Tax Advisory

With tax regulatory in India becoming more system driven and less dependent on manual scrutiny, ever-increasing strategic and operational performance of the department requires the tax assesses to be at par with the dynamic and technology driven regulators.

Our Tax experts can help your tax function meet today’s complex regulatory, technology and globalization challenges by maximizing the effectiveness of your tax function with the implementation of efficient tax processes and software tools, through our tax professionals, innovative methodologies and in-depth knowledge of tax technologies assisting you with effective compliance and reporting details, strong risk management protocols and a high performing, more efficient, effective and sustainable tax function.

Our Direct Tax experts can assist you with tax process implementation, opinions and filings. We further offer, off the shelf business specific, tax standard operating process report and tax opinions, to support Start Ups and SMEs to plan their documents in house. To view our off the shelf reports, Click Here

International Taxation

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Corporate Law Advisory

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Insolvency and Risk Management Advisory

Risk Management

To save few pennies on gas, a driver might want to cover a few hundred meters on the wrong lane to quickly get off the road towards the destination. But, if there was an awareness, that in an attempt to save a few pennies, what is being put on risk is the value of driver’s life, perhaps someone else’s life, ofcourse the car and the fact that luck could always run out, without a fore warning! That’s Risk management and when in the context of a business, then, it is takes the complex avatar and is not necessarily as simple as creating awareness to simply follow rules!

Our experts work with the management to identify the risks, measure the risks along with its impact, devise solutions to mitigate or control the risks and set processes for continuous risk monitoring for the entity.

While it is true – risk is proportionate to returns, but defining or standardizing that proportion would result in increased margins and often increased revenues as well.

Identifiable Deviations Unidentifiable Deviations
Can be internal or external risk Uncertainty based
Direct or Indirect Impact on business Hazard based
Mitigation or Control of risk can be planned Loss of Opportunity based


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