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Accounting and Payroll Service Providers for Indian SMBs

150+ companies have turned on SriSattva over the past 15 years to automate their accounting and payroll processes and receive accurate financial information on time. It is understandable why businesses trust us to provide payroll outsourcing services in Pune, Mumbai, and throughout India.


To automate and streamline Accounting, Payroll, Compliances, and provide timely Financial MIS to the Management, Srisattva Group Accounting blends AI-powered technology with human judgement. Our technology streamlines and expedites operations, guarantees on-time delivery, and generates reports with useful insights for the expansion of your organisation. You and your team will have a flawless outsourcing experience thanks to Srisattva’s holistic partnering strategy.

Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing Services We Offer

1. Accounting and Compliance

An organization’s manpower can be severely depleted by accounting and compliance procedures, especially given the time and effort needed to comprehend and adjust to the always evolving tax regulations. It can be costly and less productive to continually hire, rehire, and train accounting staff on company procedures and specifics of the industry. Utilise the offshore payroll services provided by Finsmart in India to ensure that all of your accounting and compliance needs are covered. Reassign workers to vital corporate functions and income-producing jobs.

With extensive industry knowledge and regular training on new rules and regulations, our resources in Pune and Mumbai can handle your compliance needs without any additional work on your part. Billing, bookkeeping, and monthly reporting on cash flows and profitability are just a few of the end-to-end accounting and payroll outsourcing services that Srisattva Group offers to Indian SMBs.

Scope of service:
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Entries
  • Reconciliations
  • Monthly closing of financial data
  • GST and TDS compliance
  • Management reports
2. Payroll Management

Heavy workloads can occasionally have an effect on important areas, like payroll management. However, it is crucial to a company’s reputation and staff morale to have a disciplined payroll process. With the help of SriSattva’s payroll outsourcing services in India, you may gain the loyalty of your staff members forever by putting your payroll management procedure on autopilot. The Srisattva Group guarantees complete data protection, on-time salary payments, dependability, and prompt response to employee inquiries.

Scope of service:
  • Monthly payroll processing
  • Calculation of payroll statutory dues
  • Preparation and distribution of employee pay-slips and tax reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • PF, ESIC and other payroll compliance
  • Filing of e-TDS Returns
  • Annual verification of investment information
  • Issuance of Form-16 to employees
3.Accounts Review and MIS

Your month-end reviews, P&L reports, and compliance processes will be prompt, effective, and accurate thanks to our accounts review and MIS services. Additionally, use our MIS reports to make informed business decisions based on reliable data and business insight.

Scope of service:
  • Accounting data Review
  • Monthly closing of financial data
  • Management Reports
  • MIS review calls
4. CFO and Controller Services

How can you consistently achieve your growth goals if the financial data you need to make business choices is unreliable and inaccurate? The businesses that are prospering in today’s environment of cutting-edge competition are those who base their decisions on data.


Your risk making irrational financial decisions and losing track of the cash flow management cycles if you operate without business KPIs and an intelligent dashboard that simplifies data. Our CFO and Controller Services are made to meet all of your requirements for financial intelligence, giving you timely counsel, reports, and metrics. Never again miss a business opportunity because of a lack of information or financial insights. Manage company risks with assurance.

Scope of service:
  • Business-aligned MIS systems
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cash flow reports
  • Monthly board pack report
  • Monthly calls with CFO
  • Business and finance consultation