Corporate Structuring

An Ideal Capital Structure is the founding stone to achieving the expansion plan keeping in mind the shareholders’ interests and optimum cost of capital. It furthers help transfer risk using complex legal and corporate entities.

While we often are attentive towards discussions on Corporate Restructuring, we are often lax about the plans towards structuring of a business. Of course, the primary reason for such negligence is that “Corporate Structuring” is normally done within the first three years of a business or at the time of a roll out of a new business division or product. Both during the first few years of business and during a new business division roll out, stakeholders’ focus on the revenues than even think about Corporate Structuring.

We work along with the industry’s experienced teams on risk assessment, risk mitigation and risk management, to develop the securitization and capital access strategies; structuring techniques and asset selection in the ultimate transaction design; cash-flow techniques and other related services at transaction issuance in the post-closing environment.

Why Corporate Structuring is important?

Optimum Cost of Capital – Better Utilization of Available Capital- Planning Cheaper & Alternate Source of Funding – Reduced Credit Concentration – Better Risk Management