Joint Ventures

Joint venture (JV) is an ideal business structure for Companies pursuing expansion and would prefer to shake hands with experts in various domains to achieve their growth plans. Numerous successful JVs can be quoted in reference with both domestic JVs and cross border JVs.

If an entity is looking to explore newer markets, gain scale efficiencies by joining hands with complimentary businesses, pool in resources and knowledge or to share financial burden or risks, without involving the existing business, then JV would be an ideal option.

* JV Business Strategy – To have clarity on the way forward * Evaluating JV as a final option – Cost Benefit analysis comparing other options * Partner Screening – Six “Cs” of partner screening for successful JV * Developing the JV Business Plan – Founding and base business plan for the JV * Defining the JV deal for each of the parties – Risk and Reward analysis for each party * Negotiating the terms and conditions – Toughest part – to avoid future conflicts! * Planning & Launching the JV – Putting them all together * JV Termination Plan – Planning for a smooth parting *

Planning and executing a Joint Venture or Business Partnering requires specialized skills. Starting from conceptualizing the JV, business plans, negotiating the terms with the parties and for that matter even monitoring the progress post launch requires expertise. Along with our team of experts across the globe, we can assist you throughout the lifecycle of a JV, from the concept stage till its launch. Our experts can further help you monitor the JV progress and work with the JV partners towards achieving the goal. Even the termination or end of a JV needs to be carefully planned and handled to ensure smooth exit as it might have repercussions on the main business of the JV partners.