Advanced Excel – Module 6



Module 6 – 3 hours

  1. String Manipulation: Separate Strings, Reverse Strings, Convert to Proper Case, Count Words
  2. Date and Time: Compare Dates and Times, DateDiff Function, Weekdays, Delay a Macro,
  3. Date and Time: Year Occurrences, Tasks on Schedule, Sort Birthdays
  4. Events: BeforeDoubleClick Event, Highlight Active Cell, Create a Footer Before Printing,
  5. Events: Bills and Coins, Rolling Average Table
  6. Array: Dynamic Array, Array Function, Month Names, Size of an Array
  7. Function and Sub: User Defined Function, Custom Average Function, Volatile Functions
  8. Function and Sub: ByRef and ByVal
  9. Application Object: StatusBar, Read Data from Text File, Write Data to Text File
  10. ActiveX Controls: Text Box, List Box, Combo Box, Check Box, Option Buttons
  11. ActiveX Controls:, Spin Button, Loan Calculator
  12. Userform: Userform and Ranges, Currency Converter, Progress Indicator,
  13. Userform: Multiple List Box Selections, Multicolumn Combo Box, Dependent Combo Boxes,
  14. Userform: Loop through Controls, Controls Collection, Userform with Multiple Pages,
  15. Userform: Interactive Userform


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