Advanced Excel – Module 4



Module 4 – 3 hours

  1. Sort: Sort by Color, Reverse List, Randomize List
  2. Filter: Number and Text Filters, Date Filters, Advanced Filter, Data Form, Remove Duplicates,
    Outlining Data, Subtotal
  3. Conditional Formatting: Manage Rules, Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets, Find Duplicates,
  4. Conditional Formatting: Shade Alternate Rows, Compare Two Lists, Conflicting Rules, Checklist,
    Heat Map
  5. Charts: Column Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Scatter Chart, Data Series |
  6. Charts: Axes, Chart Sheet, Trendline, Error Bars, Sparklines, Combination Chart, Gauge Chart,
    Thermometer Chart, Gantt Chart, Pareto Chart
  7. Pivot Tables: Group Pivot Table Items, Multi-level Pivot Table, Frequency Distribution
  8. Pivot Tables: Pivot Chart, Slicers, Update Pivot Table, Calculated Field/Item, GetPivotData
  9. Tables: Structured References, Table Styles
  10. What-If Analysis: Data Tables, Goal Seek, Quadratic Equation
  11. Solver: Transportation Problem, Assignment Problem, Capital Investment,
  12. Solver: Shortest Path Problem, Maximum Flow Problem, Sensitivity Analysis
  13. Analysis ToolPak: Histogram, Descriptive Statistics, Anova, F-Test, t-Test, Moving Average
  14. Analysis ToolPak: Exponential Smoothing, Correlation, Regression


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