Advanced Excel – Module 2



Module 2 – 3 hour

  1. Format Cells: Decimal Places, Currency vs Accounting, Date and Time Formats, Fractions
  2. Format Cells: Text to Numbers, Numbers to Text, Custom Number Format, Format Painter
  3. Format Cells: Cell Styles, Themes, Wrap Text, Merge Cells, Strikethrough, Superscript and
    Subscript, Check Mark
  4. Find & Select: Find Features, Delete Blank Rows, Row Differences, Copy Visible Cells Only, Search
  5. Templates: Calendar, Budget, Meal Planner, Invoice, Automated Invoice, Default Templates, BMI
  6. Data Validation: Reject Invalid Dates, Budget Limit, Prevent Duplicate Entries |
  7. Data Validation: Product Codes, Drop-down List, Dependent Drop-down Lists, Kg to lbs
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts: Function Keys, Insert Row, Save As, Delete Row, Scroll Lock, Bullet Points,
    Line Break, Show Formulas
  9. Print: Workbook Views, Page Breaks, Headers and Footers, Page Numbers, Print Titles, Center
    on Page, Print Gridlines & Headings, Print Area
  10. Share: Embed, PDF, Share Workbooks, OneDrive, Online, Import Access Data, Microsoft Query,
    Import/Export Text Files, XML
  11. Protect: Protect Workbook, Protect Sheet, Lock Cells, Read-only Workbook, Mark as Fina


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