Advanced Excel – Module 1



Module 1 – 3 hours

  1. Analysis ToolPak – financial data analysis.
  2. Analysis ToolPak – statistical data analysis.
  3. Analysis ToolPak – engineering data analysis.
  4. Range: AutoFill and Fibonacci Sequence
  5. Tricks in Custom Lists, Comments, Hide Columns or Rows, Skip Blanks, AutoFit, Transpose, Union
    and Intersect and Flash Fill
  6. Few Formulas and Functions, Names in Formulas, Dynamic Named Range, Paste Options, Status
    Bar, Quick Operations, Not Equal To, Cm to inches and Discount
  7. Customizing the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and Developer Tab
  8. Tricks in Worksheets – Zoom, Split, Freeze Panes, Group Worksheets, Consolidate, View Multiple
    Worksheets, Get Sheet Name and Spelling


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