SriSattva Group

Accounting Customer Portal - Share. Collaborate. Deliver.

Share recent transactions, accelerate the quote approval process, capture feedback, and let your clients make bulk payments with the customer portal.

Gauge customer satisfaction.

Ask for feedback and identify areas that need improvement. Promote your business by sharing positive feedback on social media platforms.

Expedite quote approvals.

Share quotes with clients and start a discussion to speed up quote approvals. Say goodbye to lengthy and time-consuming email threads.

Make the payment process simple

Along with partial and full payment options, the portal lets your clients make bulk payments with a single click. Make payments easier for them so you can get paid faster.

Stay informed with real-time alerts

Get notified when a client views, accepts, declines, comments, or makes payments. There’s no need to worry about the status of pending payments.

Let clients self-manage.

The portal lets your clients update their personal information. It offers a convenient way for them to print and download past transactions to forward them to their contacts.