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We practise services partnership with companies in the CFO agenda execution across business verticals, forms, and sizes. We assume complete responsibility for the company’s CFO / Head of Finance function as its ongoing / temporary CFO. The Srisattva Group communication team is in charge of the Finance & Accounting feature, which is under our complete control. The communication model is executed on-site at the company’s office. Srisattva Group oversees the company’s Finance & Accounts team and reports to the CEO, promoters, group CFO (in the case of a global organisation), or investors.

Organisations occasionally want a CFO to assume all responsibilities right away. This might occur if the existing CFO suddenly decides to retire or gets seriously ill. You could either invest all of your time and money in the search for a candidate or wait until the new hire starts working for your business, or you could hire an established CFO from our team to serve as your Interim CFO. This will assist the business in covering up the gap left by the leaving CFO and the new CFO. The superior CFO services offered by Srisattva are services you can rely on.

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